Deploying Jamboards Assessment Answers

14/05/2019 How do you access the diagnostic tool? 14/05/2019 How is access control on a Jamboard determined? 14/05/2019 If needed, how do you factory reset a Jamboard? 14/05/2019 Select the response that best reflects the wall mounting process: 14/05/2019 The longer set of legs will have a locking mechanism on the wheels and face towards […]

Waze Local Advanced Assessment Answers

14/05/2019 Copy for Waze Local campaigns should follow a recommended character limit of _______? 14/05/2019 If a client wanted to reach drivers for a Wednesday afternoon only campaign, could they do this? 14/05/2019 In designing your Waze Local Creative, you’re encouraged to think of your Waze ads as which of the following? 14/05/2019 To whom […]

Waze Local Fundamentals Assessment Answers

14/05/2019 Almost ⅓ of the Wazers you reach on Waze Local live within how many miles of your business? 14/05/2019 How are Waze routes developed to be as efficient as possible? 14/05/2019 How do you calculate an Ad’s Click-Through Rate (CTR)? 14/05/2019 How does the Waze Dashboard define the Navigations performance metric? 14/05/2019 How many […]

Video – Smart Assessment Answers

13/05/2019 95% of the videos on YouTube are watched with the sound on. 13/05/2019 A beauty advertiser wants a consistent presence in the beauty and fashion category, especially when viewers are searching for educational and how-to videos. Which ad product would best serve their needs? 13/05/2019 A brand wants to know how they can benefit […]

Platforms – Smart Assessment Answers

13/05/2019 A publisher ad server allows publishers to conduct which of following activities? 13/05/2019 A publisher’s most valuable asset is the audience it has access to. 13/05/2019 A trading desk is the same as a demand side platform. 13/05/2019 AdX inventory is exclusive to GDN and DBM. 13/05/2019 An advertiser is using Google Analytics 360 […]

Performance – Smart Assessment Answers

11/05/2019 DSA is fully compatible with target CPA, and it’s a best practice to combine this smart bidding option with DSA. 11/05/2019 Explain what “observations” are in the new AdWords experience. 11/05/2019 Gmail targeting includes signals from which of the following? Select All Correct Responses 11/05/2019 Google users can visit the Ads Preferences Manager to […]

Measurement – Smart Assessment Answers

10/05/2019 A “Conversion” is specifically defined as a purchase influenced by an ad. 10/05/2019 Advertisers can import their campaign data from DCM into GA360. 10/05/2019 Attribution 360 can help advertisers see the impact of their TV campaigns. 10/05/2019 Differentiate between measurement and attribution. 10/05/2019 Google Analytics 360 is the free, entry-level analytics platforms. 10/05/2019 Identify […]

Search Ads 360 Certification Exam Answers

08/05/2019 At which three levels can automated rules be set up? (select three) 08/05/2019 At which three levels can bid strategies be applied? (select three) 08/05/2019 At which two levels can URL Templates be set up? (select two) 08/05/2019 Bulksheets can be used to complete which two tasks? (select two) 08/05/2019 Campaigns can only be […]

Display & Video 360 Certification Exam Answers

05/05/2019 At what levels can pacing be set? 05/05/2019 For deals, which tool can be used to identify if the correct creative sizes are sent with the bid request? 05/05/2019 How are creatives assigned to a line item? 05/05/2019 How are line items affected when a user edits the default targeting for insertion orders? 05/05/2019 […]

Creative Certification Exam Answers

04/05/2019 How can a Studio profile be edited without impacting the live campaign? 04/05/2019 How can a dynamic preview sheet be removed from a Studio profile? 04/05/2019 How many Studio profiles can a dynamic creative be linked to? 04/05/2019 In the dynamic workflow after managing the data and rules, what is the next step to […]