YouTube Music Certification Assessment Answers

18/05/2019 Where can you see the relationship between references and assets? 18/05/2019 What predefined match policy allows viewers to watch a claimed video but does not allow ads to display on the video? 18/05/2019 What may indicate that a channel needs to clean up its reference files or revise its match policies? 18/05/2019 Which asset […]

Programmable marketing basics Assessment Answers

16/05/2019 What would be the best key performance indicator for a coffee company that just opened and is trying to attract a new clientele? 16/05/2019 Ormond, who works for a national basketball franchise, wanted to reach more fans with new content. They identified new segments and aimed to deliver real-time, online, live game footage. Conversions […]

Prepare for a programmatic world Assessment Answers

15/05/2019 If you wanted to better understand your customer’s overall site behavior, including your site and other browsing they may do online, which two products would solve that problem? 15/05/2019 Which isn’t available from a DoubleClick product? 15/05/2019 You’ve been asked to explain to a new intern the things that you can test and things […]

Measure your customer-centric marketing Assessment Answers

15/05/2019 Which would be the best behavior to confirm that you’re relevant in this micromoment: “I-want-to-visit-Berlin”? 15/05/2019 In an effort to test something new, Peter’s team ran a new display campaign alongside their video and search ads. After the test phase, the marketing director complained about an increase in their digital marketing spend due to […]

Measure mobile effectively Assessment Answers

15/05/2019 Your company sells eyeglasses and sold 10 percent more than its target for desktop sales. Mobile’s paid search and display ads drove lots of mobile site traffic, yet that traffic doesn’t seem to convert well. Which is the best recommendation to find out whether mobile played a role in driving desktop success? 15/05/2019 Which […]

Make engaging mobile messages Assessment Answers

15/05/2019 You are working on a campaign for a bike courier company who wants to provide meaningful utility to their customers. What do you recommend? 15/05/2019 What are the key sensors involved in viewing 360 degree video? 15/05/2019 What are the best sensors to use to send a discount offer to someone walking past your […]

How to find mobile customers Assessment Answers

15/05/2019 You’re surfing some of your social media sites and the exact same electronic music school advertisement from earlier in the day appears. Earlier, you clicked on the ad, but this time you don’t. What could have been done to be more relevant in that micro-moment? 15/05/2019 Imagine an intern asked you about contextual and […]